Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I carry a balance on my account?

A: We do not carry in-clinic balances and full payment is expected at the time of service. We do accept cash, checks (for current clients), Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and CareCredit. CareCredit is a great option for financing and you can apply by going to

Q: Does my pet need to stay overnight after surgery?

A: Depends. If your pet is scheduled for a morning procedure, then they are typically ready to go home that same afternoon. If they are scheduled for an afternoon procedure, you should plan for them to spend the night with us. There are always exceptions, with some of them including more involved surgeries like orthopedic surgery (TPLO, patella luxation, extracapsular…) or fracture repairs- even if they are done in the morning, you should plan for them to stay the night with us. For declaws, front declaws stay with us overnight for one night; all 4-declaws stay two nights with us.

Q: Can I have my pet’s medication mailed to me?

A: We are almost always able to mail your pet’s medications to you and it is free shipping for shipments of $40 or more. We are NOT able to mail the medication if it is a controlled substance/drug.

Q: What is the euthanasia process like?

A: When calling to schedule, to make things easier for your arrival, you are able to pay for everything over the phone. This just helps to make for one less thing to think about during such a difficult time. When you arrive, you will let one of our receptionists know you are here and they will finish the check-in process (take payment if not done over the phone, sign forms, and address your final wishes for your pet- cremation, at-home burial, or the clinic taking care of remains). At that time, as long as you are ok with it, they will have a technician take your pet to the treatment room to set an IV catheter- it is important that you know that this is all that is being done in the treatment room and they will be bringing your pet right back into you once it is set. The doctor is then called into the room for euthanasia. Please note that we want to be able to give you whatever time you need while you are here to say your goodbyes. Please let a staff member know you need some extra time and they will check in on you periodically until you are ready.

Q: What if I am referred to your clinic from another clinic?

A: As with anyone, please call us right away to schedule your appointment. Your referring veterinarian might also take care of this for you. We will also request that your regular/referring vet emails us any applicable medical records in regards to the issue your pet is being seen for along with current vaccination history. This helps our doctors and staff to be as prepared as possible for you and your pet’s arrival.